Fraser Institute


Fraser is committed to training the best professionals in the field through internships and practicums in psychiatry, social work and pediatric therapy for graduate and doctoral students. Join our team to get the hands-on experience you need and learn the Fraser way to bright futures.

Opportunities exist in the following areas for the academic calendar year 2019-2020.

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For undergraduate opportunities visit our Internships page.


Fraser partners with many organizations that are leading the way in research in autism, mental health and other issues that impact our families.

  • SPARK Study

    An online research partnership advancing understanding of autism that involves 50,000 individuals with autism and their families

  • The FIND Network

    A network through the University of Minnesota where families can sign up to receive updated information and be part of research on ASD and NDD.


Steeped in best practices and person-centered interventions, Fraser voluntarily meets top industry standards


Fraser offers educational workshops and classes taught by experts with many years of experience. Our workshops are designed for families, teachers, care providers, social workers and others who are interested in great training, practical knowledge, skills and access to valuable resources.