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Insurance and Billing

Fraser works with many agencies to ensure that our services are covered, to the fullest extent possible, by insurance. However each plan is individual and has varying levels of coverage, so we urge you to contact your provider directly to see if the service you are seeking is covered by your plan.

We accept the following insurance at all Fraser locations:
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Health Partners
  • Hennepin Health (formerly MHP)
  • Medica/United Behavioral Health
  • Medicaid
  • Preferred One
  • PrimeWest
  • South Country Health Alliance
  • United Healthcare
  • UCare

For services that are not covered by insurance, there are other funding sources available:

State Waivers
Minnesota Department of Human Services - DD Waiver The DD Waiver provides funding for home and community-based services for children and adults with developmental disabilities or related conditions.
Minnesota Department of Human Services - CADI Waiver The Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) Waiver provides funding for home and community-based services for children and adults, who would otherwise require the level of care provided in a nursing facility.
Minnesota Department of Human Services - BI Waiver The Brain Injury Waiver (Formerly TBI) provides funding for home and community-based services for children and adults who have an acquired or traumatic brain injury.
Grant Funding
Consumer Support Grant The CSG program gives consumers greater flexibility and freedom of choice in service selection, payment rates, service delivery specifications and employment of service providers.
Family Support Grant The Family Support Grant (FSG) program provides state cash grants to families of children with certified disabilities.
Medical Assistance (Medicaid)
TEFRA Medical Assistance-TEFRA (MA-TEFRA) is for children with disabilities whose parents have too much income to qualify for other Minnesota Health Care Programs or who qualify, but the cost would be too high.
What you need to ask your insurance provider
The following is a list of questions that we encourage you to ask your health insurance provider so that you are aware of your coverage before starting treatment with Fraser.
  1. Does your company manage my family’s mental health benefits or is another company subcontracted to do so?
  2. Are any of the following covered by my plan?
    • Mental Health benefits
    • Occupational Therapy benefits
    • Speech Therapy benefits
    • Physical Therapy benefits
  3. Do I have a visit limit each calendar year?
  4. Do I have a deductible?
    • What is it?
  5. Do I have a co-pay?
    • What is it?
  6. Do I have any coinsurance?
    • What is it?
  7. Do I need a referral from my primary care physician to see a mental health professional?
  8. Do I need pre-approval from my insurance carrier before seeing a mental health professional?
  9. Are services covered for providers who are out of network?
    • If services are covered for providers who are out of network, are those services covered differently than services provided by in-network providers?