Supervised Living

Homes for adolescents and adults with disabilities that support the developmental, health, safety and social needs of each person

Fraser Supervised Living operates 27 homes for adolescents and adults with disabilities and provides services to address the developmental, health, safety and social needs of each person. These houses are located in urban and suburban neighborhoods throughout Hennepin and Anoka Counties.

On-site staff develop and manage day-to-day services to assist each person in participating in the community at his/her highest ability. Family, friends and a receptive community play a large part in helping each person achieve their goals. Fraser makes a lifelong commitment to serve our residents as long as Supervised Living continues to be the best option for them and resources are available to meet their needs.

On-site services include: 24-hour staffing tailored to the needs of the people in each home, health service consultation provided by a Registered Nurse, accessible homes based on people’s needs.

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Available Openings

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Wooddale House - Coon Rapids

Wooddale house is located in Coon Rapids and serves males up to 20 years of age in transition. There is a potential future opening for a male, aged 14 to 16. Programming is designed to increase skill development that will facilitate graduation to an independent living option or to return to the family home. All residents attend school or work during the week. This house has awake overnight staffing and regular visits from a Registered Nurse.

For more information, please contact or 612-767-5180.

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Until the age of two, Emmett was a typical child, maybe even a little bit precocious. He was speakin... read more →