Fraser School Enrollment Rates

Fraser School® Private Tuition Information
Effective January 1, 2023

Hours of Operation 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday - Friday

Day options
  • 2 days/week (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • 3 days/week (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday)
  • 5 days/week (Monday – Friday)
Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Education and Childcare Options
Age Hourly Full-time:
(40-45 hours per week)
Full-time Plus:
(45.5-55 hours per week)
Infant (6 weeks to 16 months) $14.00 $91.50/day $96/day
Toddler (16 months to 33 months) $12.50 $75/day $79/day
Preschool (33 months to 5 years) $11 $70/day $73/day
Pre-K (must be 4 by September 1) $11.50 $72/day $75/day

*All hourly care must be scheduled on the ½ hour and must include the minimum sessions.
*We accept Child Care Assistance and Early Learning Scholarships

  • Infants: minimum 4 hours before noon or after 12:30
  • Morning education session for toddlers (9:00 -11:30 AM);
  • Morning OR afternoon educational session for preschoolers (9:00 – 11:30 AM OR 1:00-3:30 PM);
  • Morning session for prekindergarten (9:00 AM – 12PM).

Families who choose afternoon only schedules cannot bring their child(ren) before 1:00 PM. Families of toddlers cannot choose afternoon only sessions as the classrooms all have nap time.*

Additional Fees: All fees are non-refundable
Extra Hours-for families who occasionally need additional care. Infants: $15 per hour
Toddlers: $13.50 per hour
Preschool and prekindergarten: $12 per hour
Permanent Schedule Change Fee $50 per change per family (two-week written notice)
Nonrefundable Application Fee $75 per child
Nonrefundable Deposit $75 per child to be paid prior to receiving enrollment packet
Discounts 10% sibling discount, applied to the lesser tuition
Late pick-up/early drop-off fees $1.00 per minute before or after the regularly scheduled time for the first 15 minutes; $5.00 per minute for every minute after the first 15 minutes and after 6pm.

**Schedule Changes and Discharge: A revised schedule requires a 30 day notice from parent or guardian. Parents or guardians are expected to provide a 1 month written notice to discharge. Exceptions made within the first 30 days of enrollment**