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6 Tips for Hosting the Best Watch Party

By Pam Dewey • October 08, 2020

If you’ve ever gathered to watch the Super Bowl, host a movie night or enjoy your favorite TV show with friends, you’ve attended a watch party. While many of these get-togethers are on pause, you can still gather with your “quaranteam” or “pandemic pod” for a fun watch party to celebrate The Fraser Annual Benefit, presented by U.S. Bank.

The benefit is going “Through the Looking Glass” this year with a virtual event on Saturday, Oct. 24, at 7:00 p.m. And you’re cordially invited to join us at this free event!

Here are 6 tips for hosting the best Alice’s “Through the Looking Glass” themed watch party.

It’s all about the snacks

No party is complete without delicious snacks and drinks. We’ve got a few ideas that fit our Alice in Wonderland theme.

  • Dessert — Cupcakes are a great canvas. You can write “Eat Me” in frosting, add hearts, Cheshire grins or other Alice references.  Or pick up some “Eat Me” cupcake toppers and take it easy on yourself.

Encourage your guests to live out their fashion fantasies

Many of us have spent far too much of this year in sweats and slippers. Your watch party is an excuse for your guests to dust off their finest frocks. The Alice in Wonderland theme is a great way for guests to explore their fashion fantasies. Here’s our blog post, “6 Ideas to Create the Perfect Look for Alice’s “Through the Looking Glass” Virtual Fraser Benefit,” or you can check out our Pinterest board for fashion inspiration.

Go down the décor rabbit hole

Alice encounters many interesting scenes and characters. She enters “The Garden of Live Flowers,” a garden where flowers — like roses, tiger lilies, daisies and violets — can talk. She stumbles across a fight between a lion and a unicorn and meets a very disagreeable Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall.

Decorate your table with a lacey, white tablecloth, or order a tablecloth with a wonderland theme.  Create a floral centerpiece that conjures “The Garden of Live Flowers” with flowers like red roses, tiger lilies, violets and daisies. Add themed elements like a clock, a stack of old books and teapots to your table. Give your table a tea party look with different sizes and styles of chairs. Send your guests home with gift bags featuring sweet treats and other fun items, and put a tag on the bag that says “Take Me,” so you end your evening on theme. And don’t forget to include an Instagrammable moment for your guests, and encourage them to use #FraserBenefit!

Hook up your big screen (and test it ahead of time)

Those registered to attend the Fraser Annual Benefit will receive a link to the video. You can watch the Fraser Annual Benefit on your Smart TV or streaming device. Just search for “Fraser Minnesota” on your Smart TV or streaming device's Youtube app. If you don’t have access to a YouTube app, you can connect your phone or laptop directly to your TV to stream. Click here to learn more. Oh, and don’t forget to test it ahead of time! You may also want to open another tab, so you can bid on items and make donations.

Create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere

If you have a crew coming over, make sure you have enough spots for everyone to sit comfortably. You might need to pull out folding chairs, ottomans or dining room chairs. If your party includes kids, don’t forget about the floor! Grab beanbag chairs, floor pillows or throw down an air mattress if you have enough space. Just make sure everyone has a good sightline to the TV, and that you are following social distancing protocols.

Don’t forget about the kids

If your watch party guest list includes kids, get some kid-friendly snacks. Ask parents about their kid’s favorite treats. The Fraser Annual Benefit also includes several exciting performances kids will enjoy, including music from 17-year-old Leo Dworsky.

You may also want to try some Alice in Wonderland-themed activities. Kids can create a paper plate Cheshire Cat or paper teacups. Or kids might want to take a movement break with Cosmic Kids Alice in Wonderland Yoga. You could also help kids set up an indoor croquet game. To keep the game safe, you could substitute pool noodles for the mallet and stuffed animals for the balls!