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By Pam Dewey • September 24, 2020

“Life, what is it but a dream,” ponders Alice in “Through the Looking Glass,” the sequel to the beloved Lewis Carroll classic, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” In Alice’s fantasy world, flowers and chess pieces talk, there are rocking horse flies and you can share a plum cake with a unicorn.

For most, this year has felt much more like Alice’s journey through an upside-down world than it has a dream. That’s why taking time for yourself is so important. We encourage you to escape reality for a while, and join us as we go “Through the Looking Glass” for the virtual Fraser Annual Benefit, presented by U.S. Bank, on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Whether you decide to watch with your cat or your family, we encourage you to let your imagination fly and dress like you’re escaping to Alice’s fantasy world.

Here are 6 ideas to help you create that perfect “Through the Looking Glass” look. You can also view these items on our Through the Looking Glass 2020 Fraser Benefit Pinterest board.

Black and white and red

In “Through the Looking Glass,” Alice finds an upside-down world filled with talking chess pieces and a Red Queen and White Queen. Black and white patterns, like diamonds, stripes, checks and argyle, are a great way to elicit this fantastical world of optical illusions.

Pops of red call to mind the bold, boisterous Red Queen, as well as the Queen of Hearts from the first book. Consider hearts on your accessories like shoes, tights, socks and ties. You can even sport a Queen of Hearts cufflinks or tie. Or go for a bold, red dress or velvet blazer.

For a particularly fantastical look, pick up a bold black, white and red fascinator.

Dress:, Fascinator: - Curiouser & Curiouser, Shoes:, Tux:

Dark Florals

Alice finds herself in “The Garden of Live Flowers,” a garden where flowers — like roses, tiger lilies, daisies and violets — can talk. On the fall runways, florals have taken on a darker look with deep burgundies, emerald greens and black backgrounds. You can find these dark florals on blouses, pants, dresses, ties and scarves.

Scarf:, Dress: - Anna Sui Fall 2020, Tie: - BeuTieUK, Top and pants:

Dramatic, daring makeup

You can have a lot of fun with makeup as you immerse yourself in Alice’s world. Perhaps you want to try a deep burgundy eyeshadow and almost black lipstick, like the White Queen in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Or maybe you want to experiment with a smoky eye in deep indigo or black and a vampy lipstick shade in burgundy, purple or black. Not to mention, you can find a range of shimmery eyeshadows fit for a king or a queen.

You can also go full fantasy, and paint your face like the Queen of Hearts with heart-shaped lips and sky-high blue eyeshadow.

White Queen makeup:, Gold eyeshadow:, Rihanna dark lip:, Queen of Hearts makeup: - Makeup By Noel

Fantastical face masks

The Minnesota mandate has made masks a must, but you can still have fun with yours. A variety of Alice in Wonderland masks are available on sites like Etsy and Zazzle. You can find a Cheshire Cat mask with that eerie grin or Alice with various fantastical characters. There’s also a cadre of bedazzled and jeweled masks to elevate your look.

Hand mask: - Bloodlightandbambi, Alice mask: - FoursideMerchCo, Jeweled mask: - sophiecochevelou, Cheshire mask: - InGENIUSPassions, Black tie mask: - NazarovaBoutique

Dress like a queen (or king)

In her looking glass world, Alice is crowned a queen when she reaches the eighth square. And if you’re going to be a king or queen, you must look the part.

Try a beaded headband, jeweled sunglasses or a sequined handbag. Or maybe slip on a shimmery skirt, sequined pants or a sparkly cardigan.

Cape dresses or cape coats also sashayed down the runways this fall. It’s hard not to feel like royalty with a cape floating behind you.

Sunglasses: - MammamadeusGifts, Cape coat: - Elie Saab 2020 Fall 2020, Headband:, Cardigan: - Dries Van Noten Fall 2020

But comfort is king

Since the Fraser Annual Benefit is virtual this year, many of you will be joining us from your couch or favorite armchair. You may want to ditch the ball gown and opt for a less restrictive ensemble. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your Alice fantasy.

Joggers have gone glam. You can find sequined, velvet or houndstooth patterned joggers, which are right on theme.

You may also want to consider the caftan. For the unfamiliar, a caftan is a long, loose tunic or dress. Caftans have been popping up on runways, and you can find a variety of chic options in black and white and dark florals. You can also score some truly psychedelic patterns from online vintage sellers. It’s hard to get much more comfortable than a loose, flowing dress.

Houndstooth joggers:, Butterfly caftan: - Anna Sui Fall 2020, Sequin joggers:, Floral caftan:

All images in the blog are linked to the source on our Through the Looking Glass 2020 Fraser Benefit Pinterest board. You can shop many of the images by clicking on the images on our board.