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At Fraser, we offer Rehabilitation Therapy internships in either Occupational Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology. You will learn best practices of how to treat children with challenges in fine and gross motor skills, speech, eating, and other daily functions. Typically, our rehabilitation therapy interns are on-site about 40 hours a week for three months.

A Typical Internship may include:

  • Observe and appropriately support client evaluations and re-evaluations process
  • Observe and support therapeutic decision-making and treatment process to develop independent clinical skills
  • Support appropriate communication of the client’s progress to internal team members
  • Documentation such as progress notes, billing sheets and case records

If you are interested in a Rehabilitation Therapy internship, check with your university to see if an affiliation with Fraser is in place. If there is, your school may be able to match you with Fraser. If not, and you are interested in applying or learning more, please email