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Are you enrolled in a Master’s program for marriage and family therapy, clinical counseling or social work? Fraser offers a supportive, education-focused environment to complete your practicum/internship hours and gain a foundation in clinical knowledge needed for success in the mental health field.

At Fraser, you will have opportunities to work with clients and families from birth-adulthood. You may participate in diagnosing/assessments, day treatment and individual, group, or family outpatient services. You will learn and participate in treatment planning, completing progress notes and other clinical documentation tasks.

Fraser clients have a wide array of mental health and neurodevelopmental diagnoses, including but not limited to, Autism, Trauma-related diagnoses, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and developmental delay. Throughout your practicum/internship you will be exposed to a wide variety of interventions, strategies, and theoretical approaches, such as, Early Start Denver Model, Developmental Repair Model, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, and Attachment in Bio-Behavioral Catch-up. Practicum/Internship students will have the opportunities to participate in professional development trainings, including; DC 0-5 trainings, and ECSII, CASII, Training. All clinical work is provided in a culturally responsive framework.


  • January-Thru March: Applications are accepted to start a placement end of August early September
  • September-Internships start
  • May: Typical end of Internship

A Typical Internship Could Include:

  • Participating and/or co-leading day treatment activities, including group therapy, group routines and activities, crisis interventions and parent contact
  • Focus on Early Childhood Development
  • Opportunities to provide therapy via telehealth and/or in person depending on business need
  • Providing individual, family and group therapy and/or skills training to clients from Birth-Adulthood.
  • Observe and participate in diagnostic assessments
  • Care coordination for assigned clients
  • Weekly and Group Supervision is provided through Board Approved Supervisor
  • Participate clinical staff meetings, following internship requirements
  • Perform clinical responsibilities as directed for internship
  • Provide/coordinate assessments and collect data to monitor the progress of clients, as directed by supervisor or required for internship

At Fraser, we use a wide variety of evidence-based interventions. We encourage interns to consult and collaborate with other Fraser professionals, as well as with those in outside community agencies. This is an unpaid position.

Master of Social Work Matching Program

If you are a master-level social work student, your university may already have an agreement in place with Fraser. The below schools are a part of the MSW matching program. Please check with your university to learn more about the matching process and timeline. Typically, social work students tell their school about their interest, and don’t contact Fraser directly. Students interview around February/March and start around Labor Day.

  • University of St. Thomas
  • University of St. Catherine
  • Augsburg University
  • University of Minnesota
  • St. Mary’s University

We do accept social work students who are not a part of the MSW matching program. Please apply below if you are interested in a practicum at Fraser, but are not part of the MSW matching program.

Questions? Reach out to us at