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11 Outfits Ideas to Transport You to the Ocean Shore for the 2022 Fraser Gala, Presented by U.S. Bank

By Pam Dewey • Fraser gala, Fraser gala outfits, gala outfit ideas, Fraser gala looks, what to wear to the Fraser gala, gala outfit looks, dressing for the Fraser gala • September 15, 2022

There are few things like feeling sand squish between your toes, while you listen to the gentle crash of waves. The ocean shore is a place of rest, relaxation and natural beauty. It’s also the inspiration for this year’s Fraser Gala, presented by U.S. Bank, at the Hilton Minneapolis. On Sat., Oct. 15, 2022, we’re transporting guests to the shore to celebrate the spirit of the boy in “The Starfish Story.”

“The Starfish Story” tells the tale of hundreds of starfish marooned on the beach, as the tide went out. A little boy came along and picked up the starfish one by one to “make a difference for that one.” The boy teaches us that one person can make an impact, and when many people join together, they can transform a ripple into a tidal wave of change.

So, close your eyes: picture sparkling sand, the shimmering surface of the ocean and stunning, iridescent shells washed ashore. We’ll use this jaw-dropping, natural imagery to inspire your gala outfit. Here are 11 outfit ideas straight from the ocean floor. You can find links to all these outfits on Fraser Pinterest page — 2022 Fraser Gala - The Starfish Story.

1. Coral, starfish and shell accessories

There’s a variety of stunning coral or shell jewelry pieces and accessories, both real and faux. Consider a statement necklace made of beautiful pieces of red coral. Try a pair of dangly, starfish earrings. Add a shell-shaped purse. You could even try a starfish hair comb or go full-on mermaid with a seashell crown.

Shell and starfish accessories

Top left to right clockwise: JewelryMakerMarket4u coral and turquoise necklace, Wild & Free Jewelry shell crown, BestForBrides starfish hair comb, Nandeetas shell-shaped purse and Ronibiza nautilus earring

2. Shimmery sequins

Like the sea, you can shine in sequins. Try a sparkly dress in turquoise, silver or deep blue to look like you’re part of ocean itself. Or go iridescent or cream to look like sparkly sand or the foam on waves. You can also opt for a sparkly top, cardigan or blazer. 

Sequin outfits

Left to right: Ever Pretty dress, Angelino sequin blazer, The Custom movement sequin masks, and Jenny Packham dress

3. Water colors

The ocean offers a beautiful palette. It ranges from light blue to green to deep indigo to violet. One of fall’s hot hues is a bright blue. Try a bright blue dress, suit or a pair of gloves. You could also go monochromatic, dressing head to toe in shades of green or purple, even with your makeup.

Water colored outfits

Left to right:  Loeffler Randall blue heel, Lapointe blue monochromatic outfit, dark green gown, CraftsandDesignshop purple suit and Safiyaa sea foam green dress

4. Satiny, slip dresses

Slip dresses are also back in a big way. The satin-y fabric mimics the ocean’s surface, particularly when worn in ocean colors. Try a slip dress in sea foam green, silvery blue or aquamarine.

Slip dresses

Left to right: Zara green dress, Jonathan Simkhai pink dress on, Shona Joy blue dress and Target purple dress

5. Sand tones

This fall, there are a lot of creams, tans and beiges on the runway. So, take your inspiration from the zen of the beach. Opt for a monochromatic look with a matching blazer and pants or chunky turtleneck tucked into a slinky, sand-colored skirt. You get bonus points for pairing it with pearl accessories.

Sand tone outfits

Left to right: H&M sweater (image from, ZHUU beaded purseFARM Rio cutout dress, The Jewelry Lady's Store shell necklace and Moss Bros. beige jacket

6. Pearls. Pearls. Pearls.

Pearls aren’t just for your grandmother. Pearls have even gotten a little punk, like a pair of earrings (from local jewelry maker Larissa Loden) that look almost like a paperclip with a pearl on the bottom. You can also try a multi-strand pearl necklace, add a pair of pearl-encrusted gloves or pop on a pearl-dotted headband. Pearls also adorn turtlenecks, blazers, dresses, shoes and handbags. If you’re feeling really daring, try an entire top made of faux pearls!  

Pearl accessories

Top left to right: De Best Fit embellished blazer, Jimmy Choo flats, Larissa Loden earrings, pearl collar and GraceFiberArt pearl gloves

7. Crochet/open-weave

Macramé gained popularity through sailors, who used leftover rope on the boat to make macramé creations and sell these at different ports. Crochet is similar to macramé, but is created with yarn and a hook, instead of rope and by hand. Both types of weaving are reminiscent of fishing nets.

When you think of crochet, you may imagine doilies or dainty collars, but crochet has also gotten a modern update. You can find open-weave or crochet gowns from top designers like Missoni, Marc Jacobs or the newly, popular Brazilian brand, FARM Rio. Try a dress in a rainbow of colors or one bedazzled with rhinestones to really amp up the glam. Simeli brand also offers beautiful, crochet wheelchair wheel covers, for those who want to add a little flair to their wheelchairs.

crochet outfits

Left to right: Calle Del Mar crochet pants, Marc Jacobs silver tunic dress, Simeli wheelchair wheel covers, FARM Rio rainbow dress and Diotima cream crochet dress

8. Mermaid-style dresses

A mermaid-style dress is fitted on the top and then flares out at the knee to the bottom, so it’s shaped like a mermaid tail. Try one in sequins, satin or with a stunning tulle bottom. As they say, the world is your oyster.

mermaid shape dresses

Left to right: Rodarte dress, Lulus blue dress, Clover Sew iridescent dress and Versace multi-color dress

9. Graphic, sea-inspired prints

Digital technology has made pattern-making accessible to more designers, so graphic prints have exploded in availability and popularity. Consider a tie patterned with sand dollars, sailboats or seashells. Try a button-up with palm fronds or a dress covered in sea creatures.

Graphic sea inspired prints

Left to right: bubibities palm tie, FARM Rio starfish dress,  Alexander McQueen coral crystal dress, Johanna Ortiz shell print dress and Vineyard Vines palm print button up

10. Sea urchin shapes

Sea urchins come in various shapes and colors, but typically have a shell body covered with spiky-looking spines. Opt for a shell-shaped sea urchin ring or earrings, or you can create your own sea urchin necklace. Another option is taking your inspiration from the spiky body of the sea urchin by adding a pair of spiky epaulets or a spiky necklace. Even an ostrich feather purse calls to mind the spikes of a sea urchin.

Sea Urchin shapes

Left to right: Tiffany gold sea urchin earrings, Jance Samantha green ostrich purse, DENIZdsgn gold epaulets, spiked blue loafers on eBay, Pharaoun gold urchin ring and Maud Tron black stone necklace

 11. Ocean-inspired makeup

Eyeliner is back in a big way. Try one of the new shapes like banana eyeliner, which is eyeliner in the shape of a banana applied in the crease of your eyelid. This makes it highly visible if your eyes are open or closed. You could also try fishtail eyeliner, which is eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line, shaped to look like a fish. You create the tail on the outside corner of your eye by giving it a wing on the top and bottom.

Go for a classic-night-out smoky eye look, but with a twist, in shades of purple, blue or green. Or go bold on your lip color with purple or blue (yes, blue!) lipstick.

Ocean inspired makeup

Left to right: BH Cosmetics purple banana eyeliner, blue lipstick on, Blue sea eyeshadow on and Monochromatic Monarch purple makeup on