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Don’t Forget The Frosting! 10 Ideas to Look Shockingly Sweet at the Gala

By Pam Dewey • Fraser gala, Candy Land outfits, Candy Land looks, Candy Land gala outfits, Fraser gala outfits, gala outfit ideas, Fraser gala looks, what to wear to the Fraser gala, gala outfit looks, dressing for the Fraser gala • September 21, 2023

The Fraser Gala, presented by Meristem | Cresset, is at a new location, the Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot, on Fri., Nov. 3, 2023. This year, gala guests have a theme they can really sink their teeth into, the childhood game Candy Land.

Join us on a magical path to King Kandy’s Castle. Chill out in the Peppermint Forest, or maybe you’ll bump into Queen Frostine in the Frosted Palace. You won’t want to miss a night with specialty cocktails, a decadent dinner, enchanting entertainment, and most importantly, an inspiring testimonial from a Fraser family. Register here.

But the sweetest part is all the delicious ensemble possibilities! Read on for ideas to really add the cherry on top of your look.

Add whimsy with polka dots

Polka dots are inherently whimsical. The pattern adds a light-heartedness to any look. It probably comes as no surprise then that there are “dots” throughout Candy Land. Think of the Gooey Gumdrops, the cherries on the top of Candy Castle and the lollipops dotted throughout Lollipop Woods. It’s also easy to be inspired by an old-school favorite — candy buttons — the white strips of paper with pink, yellow, blue and green drops of confection.

Consider a polka dot tie, shirt, tights or dress. Or maybe go super daring and select a head-to-toe polka dot outfit! You could even add a few polka dots to your makeup.

Polka dot outfits

Counterclockwise from left: Bell sleeve flower dot dress from, Polka dot pocket square from, Christopher John Rogers black and white polka dot outfit on, Polka dot makeup inspo from

Perfect your outfit with pops of pastels

When I picture the Candy Land board, it’s Queen Frostine’s pale blue ball gown and matching blue hair that appears. And let’s not forget the pink bubbles of the Ice Cream Sea and King Kandy’s pale pink beard. All the pastels offer a lot of fun outfit ideas.

Try a pale pink slip dress or a mint green suit. Slip on a pair of pastel-striped trousers or periwinkle patent leather Mary Jane shoes. Or don a pale pink lip with matching pink eyeshadow. Let’s see how far out you can sail on that Ice Cream Sea!

Pastel outfit ideas

Counterclockwise from top left: Pink slip dress from &, Pink confetti headband from TwineandLove on, Cotton candy pumps from, Pale green suit from, Pastel striped button-up from

Bubblegum pink with #Barbiecore

Speaking of pink (and who isn’t lately), maybe you’ve heard of a movie called Barbie? The movie has created a trend known as Barbiecore. It’s basically dressing in all things pink, the more bubblegum, the better, which fits perfectly with our Candy Land theme.

Pair a hot pink sequined skirt and top with sky-high pink platforms. Throw on a drapey, pink evening gown with pink gloves, or go icon-status and wear an all-pink tuxedo jacket, pants and ruffled shirt. Don’t forget the Barbie makeup! Many YouTube and TikTok tutorials show you how to perfect the Barbie face.

Barbiecore outfit ideas

Counterclockwise from top left: Barbie makeup inspo from, Aquazurra heels from, Christopher John Rogers pink tux on, Alexander McQueen suit on 

Keep it colorful with the rainbow trail

The trail winding through Candy Land looks like a twisty rainbow. You may also remember a little shortcut at the beginning of the game called the Rainbow Trail, which lets players skip ahead. The main takeaway in Candy Land is all about color, so embrace ALL THE COLORS with a rainbow look. Pick up a rainbow-striped dress, a sparkly rainbow jumpsuit or a pair of psychedelic rainbow platforms. You could even grab an iridescent sequin skirt, which changes to a rainbow look as you move and shake. More is more with this look!

Rainbow outfit ideas

Counterclockwise from top left: Dolce & Gabanna iridescent skirt from, Rainbow pumps from, Rainbow vest from, Rainbow woven purse by DuruBagStore on

Charm with candy stripes

The name of the game is spelled out in candy-striped white and pink letters. Then there’s the dapper Mr. Mint surrounded by candy canes in the Peppermint Forest.

Go bold with a pair of red-and-white candy-cane-striped tights or a long, striped coat. Try a striped sweater, a striped blazer and pants or a simple striped button-up.

Striped outfit options

Counterclockwise from top left: Simon Miller green striped dress on, Miguelina pastel striped pants from, Rainbow striped dress from, Tommy Adaptive dress from

Stick to one hue with a monochromatic look

Like Candy Land characters Queen Frostine and Mr. Mint, dressing in different tones of one color creates a bold fashion statement. Pick up a suit in pale blue, or try a head-to-heels look in chartreuse. You could also double-up on trends and pile on the shades of pink à la #barbiecore.

Monochromatic look

Counterclockwise from top left: Orange dress from, Yellow suit from LuqManArtandDesign on, Green satin skirt from &, Pink suit from Design Villa Art on

Monochromatic Adaptive oufit

Here’s an adaptive monochromatic look. Counterclockwise from top left: Tommy Adaptive pants from, Tommy Adaptive cardigan from, Pre-tied gingham bow tie from, Tommy Adaptive button-up from According to, “Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive was created with one goal – to deliver classic, American-cool style with innovative design twists that make getting dressed easier for the entire family.”

Dress like a cake with layered tulle

What’s a gala without some tulle? So layer it on with a dress of tiered tulle, and top your outfit with a tulle coat or try a layered tulle skirt.

Layered tulle outfits

Counterclockwise from left: Full-length ruffled tulle coat from, Rick Owens pink tulle trench from, Tulle ruffle dress from, Carolina Herrera ruffled tulle skirt from

Make it extra sugary with candy accessories

Love sweet treats? You can adorn your ears with gummy bear earrings or carry your phone in a gummy bear bag. Or, maybe you’d like to eat your cake and carry it too? Try a clutch shaped like a slice of cake. Add a literal cherry on top of your outfit with a cherry-topped beret or cherry fascinator. 

Candy accessories

Counterclockwise from left top: Cake purse from, Bannan wedge shoes from, Cotton candy fascinator from MySweetBoutique on, Conversation hearts headband from Sercy&, Gummy bear earrings

Hair color as light as a fluff of cotton candy

At-home hair color options now come in a rainbow of hues. You can try periwinkle, pale pink, mint green or a combination of colors, often referred to as mermaid or unicorn hair. But for a multi-hued hair color look, you might want to get an expert’s help. You could also opt for a wig for an easy (and easily undone) version of cotton candy hair.

Cotton candy colored hair

Counterclockwise from top left: Rose gold hair dye from, Cotton candy wig inspo from, Rainbow wig from, Light purple wig from

Frost your lids and lips

What’s dessert without frosting? Whether you go shimmery white, frosty blue, strawberry pink or sparkly purple, frosty eyeshadow options will make you look straight out of Candy Land. You can even blend a few eyeshadow shades together to get a cotton candy effect. Consider a pearlescent shade on your lips, too.

Frosting makeup idea

Counterclockwise from top left: Frosty pink lipstick from, Cotton candy eyeshadow inspo from, Cupcake makeup inspo from fahriair on, Pink eye makeup from

Want some more ideas? Check out our Pinterest board –2023 Fraser Gala- Candy Land.