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8 Ideas to Create the Perfect Outfit for the 2021 Fraser Gala

By Pam Dewey • 2021 Fraser Gala, Fraser Gala, Fraser gala outfits, gala outfits, what to wear to the Fraser gala, gala looks, Fraser gala looks, annual benefit outfits • September 30, 2021

Imagine you’re in a swanky jazz club in New Orleans. The room is dimly lit, candles bathing each table in a warm glow and walls are painted a deep blue. The crowd is both effortlessly cool and undeniably glamorous. Jazz music floats your way. It’s brassy and bold, and you find yourself clapping along.

Such is the vibe of the 2021 Fraser Gala, presented by U.S. Bank. The gala is back at the Hilton Minneapolis, where the exclusive event will channel the vibrant colors and sultry jazz sounds of New Orleans. The hybrid event will offer elements to delight supporters, individuals and families who attend in person or virtually.

Whether you join in person or from home, getting dressed for the gala is half the fun! Here are eight ideas to help you create the perfect outfit for the 2021 Fraser Gala, presented by U.S. Bank.

Channel a jazz-age flapper

It’s hard to separate the jazz era from flappers. Young women in the 1920s were inspired by actresses like Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks and became known as flappers, “who liked short dresses and skirts, wore excessive makeup, bobbed their short hair, listened to jazz.” And Encyclopedia Brittanica states, “New Orleans was where a distinctive, coherent jazz style evolved.” According to The Vintage News, flapper dresses were “rich and flashy garments..governed by glitz and glam..made of layers of light pastel chiffon or heavy velvet, embellished with clusters of crystals, beads, rhinestones or fringes that accented layers.”

One way to channel a jazz-age flapper is with a flapper-style dress. Opt for a dress with a looser, boxier fit, maybe even a dropped waist and a hemline that hits around the knee. Pair it with a jeweled or beaded headband to nail that jazz-age, flapper look. 

Beaded flapper dress:  Flapper makeup tutorial:, Sequin Drop Waist Dress:, Art Deco earrings:, Feather headband: 

All about embellishment

Flapper dresses were heavy on embellishment, so think sequins, beads and rhinestones. A cocktail dress in all black sequins is the perfect look for a jazz club. Or you can try a blazer in gold or multi-colored sequins. You can even dress up your athleisure look with joggers or an entire tracksuit in sequins.

Consider adding a beaded top or clutch, and bonus points, if the embellishments are in an Art Deco style pattern like zigzags, sunburst or sunrise motifs, fan shapes and stylized floral patterns.

Gold sequin pants: Beaded black top: Blue/green sequin pants: Pearl clutch: Striped sequin dress: Gold floral blazer:

Dramatic, bold makeup

Flappers were known for wearing bold makeup, like penciled on brows and dark lips. And it’s hard to imagine a look more fit for a jazz club than a smoky eye. Experiment with a smoky eye in deep indigo or black and a vampy lipstick shade in red, burgundy or purple. Opt for a long-lasting lipstick if you’re worried about your mask smudging it. You can also add a little drama with a range of shimmery eyeshadows, sure to shimmer perfectly in candlelight.

Maybelline Superstay lip color: Glitter eyeshadow: Dark, shimmery eye makeup: Gatsby makeup: Smoky eyes masc: Rafaiel Beauty and Makeup Artist

Flaunt those feathers

Feathers add another level of sophistication and fantasy to an outfit. Feathers also bounce beautifully while you’re tapping your toe to your favorite jazz tune.

You might try a feather-trimmed dress, skirt or blazer. You could even throw a feather boa over your shoulders or add some feather epaulets to your outfit. Try a feathered purse or a hat or earrings accented with feathers. Or go particularly dramatic with elbow-length gloves capped with feathers.

For the virtual crowd, you could also opt for ultra-comfortable, but classy with a set of feather-trimmed pajamas.

Feather epaulettes: Pajamas with feathers: White feather trim dress: Black feather trim dress: Feather purse:

Elbow-length gloves

Speaking of elbow-length gloves, it’s hard to imagine a sultry, jazz singer without a long gown and elbow-length gloves. Channel your inner songstress and add a pair of gloves to your look. It instantly amps up your glam.

Black and gold gloves: Black gloves with taffeta: Vinyl gloves runway: – Rodarte Fall 2021 Black gloves with jeweled cuff: Crystal gloves:

Daring, bedazzled shoes

Embellishment isn’t just for your clothing. Try some heels encrusted in rhinestones, pearls or beads. Or consider a pair of sparkly, glitter boots. You can even buy shoe clips to instantly add sparkle and flair to a pair of basic shoes.

Pink pumps with pearls: Gold glitter loafers masc: Black t-strap crystal heels: Burgundy mules: Silver glitter boots masc: Pearl shoe clips:

Black tie with a twist

If there’s one thing you can say about the jazz crowd, it’s that their look is cool. So think black tie, but with a twist. Consider a blazer dress in black and white or sparkly sequins. Or try a jacket, blazer or cape covered in fringe. You could pair your blazer with a pair of shorts, tights and some heels for a sexy, cool look. Or maybe you want to go particularly daring with a pair of black pants in leather or vinyl.

Blazer with shorts runway: – Saint Laurent Fall 2021 Black and white blazer dress: Pink fringe blazer: Sequin bomber jacker masc: Gold fringe cape:

Fancy face masks and chains

The options for cool, fashionable face masks are nearly limitless now. You can find masks with lace, pearls, rhinestones and shiny satin. There are masks in bold florals, houndstooth and diamond patterns. You can also add a glamorous mask chain, which solves the problem of leaving your mask hooked on your ear when eating and drinking. It also ensures you won’t lay your mask down somewhere and lose it.

Rhinestone mask: Crystal studded black mask: Pearl mask chain: Off-white beaded mask: Tortoise shell mask chain:

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