Give to Fraser Through Your Employer

Vickie Staudt had worked at 3M for 15 years before she learned an important fact about the company’s workplace giving: Employees can designate a charity to direct their contributions toward.

And with that information, the longtime 3Mer’s workplace giving took on new meaning for her. Why? Because the youngest of Vickie’s three children, Joanne (now 18), has nonverbal autism and as a preschooler she received important services through Fraser.

Diagnosed at age 3—when her pediatrician told Vickie, “The place to go is Fraser!”—Joanne learned to use Picture Exchange Communication at Fraser. Her behavioral issues improved as her ability to communicate did, says her mom, and also because the whole family learned about the importance of transitions and a consistent and purposeful daily routine. “I think they taught us as much or more than they taught her,” laughs Vickie.

In the 15 years since Joanne’s diagnosis, Vickie has been active in a 3M employee resource organization called the Autism and Mental Health Group. Her involvement with that group has only confirmed to her the key role played by Fraser. “I can see the needs that are out there, and I feel it’s important that I be able to give back,” says Vickie.

“Now I tell my friends and coworkers, if you want to give to a good organization, designate Fraser for your workplace giving. That way you know your contributions are going to a worthy cause.”

How to give at work

  • On your company’s designated giving form, write in Fraser and our address (2400 W. 64th St., Richfield, MN 55423) in the “Restrict my Gift” section.
  • Download a pledge form at or contact your employer to submit your donation online.
  • Don’t forget to ask if your employer matches donations—many do!

For more information, contact