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Fraser Response to Gun Violence Against Children

Tragically, the new year was ushered in by a series of senseless new deaths within our community — at a funeral, a birthday party, on our roads, and at the doorstep of a school in our own Richfield neighborhood.

These incidents ended the lives of children and Black members of our community and perpetuate a collective sense of trauma, anxiety, and depression in our communities. It is unconscionable that our society turns a blind eye to the ongoing harm of this violence.

For all of us at Fraser, recent local tragedies are mentally and emotionally jarring because we are in the business of caring for people. We know the emotional toll this violence and death inflicts on our families and communities.

The relentless gun violence in our community wears down our staff and threatens Fraser’s fight to help individuals and families thrive. We are fatigued by the almost-daily news of violent crime in our community. Yet we must remain steadfast, knowing that our work is vital during these unsettling times and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Our work with underserved communities, schools, community groups, and BIPOC families is crucial to changing the future.

We firmly state again that Fraser condemns these ongoing shootings and resulting loss of life for children, teens, and adults.

  • Fraser will continue to execute our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) program to break down the walls impeding cultural understanding, and open the doors to support, treatment, education, and a chance to thrive for all Minnesota children and families.
  • Fraser will advocate for effective short-term and long-term solutions to these issues with legislators, community action groups, and leaders.