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Diane S. Cross, Fraser President & CEO, Featured as First Guest on new HUMANATY Podcast

The HUMANATY podcast, hosted by Mana Moini, brings people together to discuss a wide range of topics that are pertinent to humanity, with the goal of spreading kindness and unity. 

The podcast launched Monday, February 12, with its first interview, featuring Fraser President & CEO Diane S. Cross.

Cross has been President & CEO of Fraser for 34 years. She recently trademarked her personal credo of “Give Them KELL® – Kindness, Empathy, Love & Learning. The interview shares Cross’s philosophy of creating a culture of kindness through empathy (understanding what someone is going through) and kindness (the action you take to help them). Cross also shares information about giving each other the grace to continue learning by being loving.

You can access the interview video here: .
Or listen to the podcast audio here:  - Apple Podcasts (audio). Audio is also available on other platforms where you get your podcasts.

The podcast can also be viewed below.