Fraser has been embracing diversity, ensuring equity, building inclusion, and creating belonging (DEIB) for almost 90 years. It has been part of our DNA since founder Mrs. Louis Whitbeck Fraser, decided to teach her daughter, who became deaf following an illness, rather than institutionalize her, as her doctors advised.

That tenacity to create inclusion where there was none still drives Fraser today.

In the 90 years since we were started, every service Fraser provides has helped break down barriers to inclusion, so everyone in our community can belong and thrive.

Our DEIB beliefs are integral to every service Fraser offers. We value the diversity of our clients, family members, volunteers, employees, and stakeholders. We are intentional about learning and furthering our understanding of DEIB work because we know that diversity and inclusion strengthen the fabric of our services, the richness of our work, and the bond of our community.

The Fraser Holidays and Cultural Celebrations and Events Calendar helps further Fraser's commitment to promoting a culture of inclusivity and awareness, and our commitment to creating an environment where diversity is valued, respected and encouraged for all. 

Fraser encourages everyone to be their true and authentic self. We support the LGBTQIA community with specialized services and we embrace staff no matter where they are on their journey toward self-realization and empowerment.

In addition to our clinical services, we also offer Fraser Certified Sensory™️ Supports and Training services that build inclusion in our community by making businesses, events, parks, and community spaces more inclusive for more individuals through supports, consultations, and tips.

Come to Fraser: YOU Belong here.