Tech Dump Career Path

October 29, 2019 — 02:00pm-04:00pm — Fraser Bloomington Suite 1

The Tech Dump Career Path Workshop will feature hands-on experience for those who sign up.

Tech Dump Program Director David Springer will lead the workshop and show attendees how to disassemble electronics for recycling. For those interested in a career in electronics, this is a good opportunity to explore that field and see if it might be the right fit.

We encourage individuals ages 14 and up to attend. It is also open to parents, who think their son or daughter may want to explore a career in this field. Attendees don’t need to receive services from Fraser. Tech Dump particularly is looking to engage with underserved populations and is open to hiring employees of ability levels. Sign up now because space is limited!

CPE Tech Dump Career Path - $30.00

Only 16 remain.