Violet’s Story

Fraser {seo}

In June of 2018 we were told that our two-year-old Violet has autism spectrum disorder. 

We wondered why she wasn’t talking like most kids. She never looked at us directly. She never answered to her name. She did this silly flapping thing with her arms. At first we thought it was a cute quirk of hers, but after a while it began to scare her dad and me. We quickly brought up our concerns with her doctor. After having hearing, swallow and genetic tests done, we were finally referred to Fraser so Violet could undergo an evaluation.

When we found out that Violet was autistic, we had a tidal wave of emotions. Relief, that we had a reason why she was stimming and not talking. Guilt, wondering what we did wrong as parents for this to happen. And fear, wondering what the future would hold.

Violet has been in occupational, speech and family therapy and day treatment at Fraser for a little over six months now. And what a success story it’s been so far! My baby girl is using American Sign Language to tell me when she needs help! She looks into my eyes and I finally feel a connection with my sweet little girl. She is finding her words! She yells “no” at me all the time! smile Violet is practicing so many sensory strategies to help her regulate her body. And you best believe her dad and I are learning quite a bit too!

All we want to do is solve the puzzle that is our daughter. So many mysteries on this beautiful, wild journey! We are so glad to have Fraser by our family’s side! 

- Katelyn Royce