Soderberg Family Story

Fraser {seo}

Fraser was our light out of a very dark place. 

When our daughter, Ellie, was born we knew something wasn’t right. For six days doctors ran tests, and we worried. Finally, we had a diagnosis: Cri Du Chat syndrome, a very rare chromosomal condition. And while the diagnosis was difficult to hear, the prognosis was worse. Doctors told us Ellie would never walk, talk or eat without a feeding tube. We were in a dark place. 

We were referred to Fraser School, and it was after our first conversation with the team at Fraser that we began to see our way out of the darkness.

The Fraser team didn’t talk to us about the “couldn’ts,” the “won’ts.” Instead, they assured us they could help our sweet Ellie be the best she could be. That was our light.

Ellie started at Fraser School when she was four months old, receiving physical, occupational and feeding therapy. It’s been a constant source of help, information and hope ever since.

Fraser has an inclusive environment where Ellie is able to learn from her peers. Fraser gave us hope that Ellie would make friends and learn skills we couldn’t teach her. As the years went on our hope turned to reality. Ellie felt comfortable at Fraser, she had friends and was included.

After her younger brother, William, was born we knew he’d go to Fraser School. We thought it was a fit for him but for different reasons. William is learning to be helpful with his peers, make friends and thrive.

Ellie is in kindergarten and still coming to Fraser for physical and occupational therapy. In the six years Ellie has gone to Fraser she has made so much progress. She wouldn’t be where she is today without the help of Fraser.

I think back to when Ellie was born and the hopeless future doctors painted. We are forever grateful for the therapy and care Ellie continues to receive at Fraser. Today, Ellie not only walks; she runs. She not only talks; she sings. She eats pizza and chicken nuggets on her own like other kids her age. And every day we are so thankful for the hope Fraser has given to our family.

- Kari and Justin Soderberg