Noah’s Story

Fraser {seo}

Noah was a happy baby with a tender heart. 

Noah’s mother, Caroline, couldn’t understand why Noah struggled when they would leave the house and it always turned into a hassle. She was also noticing that he had a speech delay.

When Caroline and her husband, Steve, received news that their son Noah was diagnosed on the autism spectrum they grieved a little but quickly realized it was okay. “We felt like we were getting the answer to a question that had been challenging us for two years,” Caroline said. “We were hopeful that Noah’s diagnosis would get him the help we all needed.”

Noah began with therapy in their home and then started receiving occupational and speech therapy at Fraser Anoka. “Noah liked going to Fraser and seeing his therapist Andrea,” said Caroline. “We were amazed at the progress he started to make.” 

Caroline and Steve liked that Andrea would try new things with Noah. “She worked with Noah’s strengths and would come up with lots of new ideas to help him focus and bring out his strong side,” Caroline said.

Noah began to develop coping and listening skills with the help of Andrea. “Noah started to do things we’ve never been able to do with him before,” said Caroline. “He’s in Cub Scouts and miracle league baseball and has lots of friends.”

“A diagnosis doesn’t limit, it’s the key that opens the door to all the help your child needs.” Caroline said.