Kaleb’s Story

Fraser {seo}

Amy Lockman is a fierce advocate for her kids. When her son Kaleb was diagnosed with autism, she knew she had to get him the help he needed as early as possible.

“I knew something wasn’t right,” said Amy.

Before Kaleb’s diagnosis, Amy worked with kids with special needs, but never thought she’d be in that situation.

Amy reached out to Fraser for help and enrolled Kaleb in day treatment and a social skills group.

“The small day treatment classroom setting was really helpful. He had a connection with the teachers,” said Amy. “I knew he was in good hands.”

Amy and her husband met with a case manager every other week to hear about Kaleb’s progress and receive guidance.

Taking Kaleb to Fraser every day proved difficult – he suffered from anxiety with drop off and pick up. Amy decided to try using a transportation service to take him to and from Fraser.

“It was the best thing to do for my son and me,” said Amy. “A saving grace.”

Kaleb still experiences social anxiety, but Amy is so grateful for the friends that Kaleb made while at Fraser. He even played on a baseball team with them!

“It’s exciting to see our friends from Fraser out in the community,” said Amy.

Amy’s advice to other parents facing an autism diagnosis: “Don’t be afraid to reach out to Fraser. They have so many resources; they want you to succeed.”