Eliana’s Story

Fraser {seo}

Our journey with autism began the moment Eliana was born, but it would take nine years before she received an official diagnosis.

We are celebrating our daughter and everything that makes her who she is by signing up for the 2018 Fraser Walk for Autism. Our team name is The Sprinkled Donuts. Eliana chose that, inspired by a favorite t-shirt we both bought at her favorite clothing store, Maurices, that reads: "Be a Sprinkled Donut in a World Full of Plain Bagels." It's a perfect analogy for embracing Eliana's autism as part of what makes her unique. We love her as she is and wouldn't change her for the world.

For us, the diagnosis was a day of celebration and an answer in and of itself. Some people see labels as negative, but we see things a bit differently. Labels are answers to questions we never knew we had. With Eliana's autism diagnosis, we had answers and a path, and we are so grateful that our path led us to Fraser.

In our short time since beginning services with Eliana's team, including Alex, her individual skills therapist, we've watched her confidence grow by leaps and bounds in every way. She looks forward to her sessions with Alex, and we know only more good will come as we continue to work with Fraser.

- Pauline Campos