Supportive Living

Supportive Living

On-Site Access to Support and Assistance

Fraser Supportive Living offers person-centered services to adults living or interested in living in their own apartment or with a roommate of their choice. Fraser currently offers this service in five fully-integrated apartment locations around the Twin Cities Metro Area. Supportive Living services includes 24-hour Emergency Assistance and Individualized Home Supports with Training. Services are based on the unique strengthens and needs of each person to help them live as independently as possible.


The apartment complexes may include some amenities like in-unit laundry, workout equipment, a pool table and a swimming pool. The buildings aren’t exclusively for Fraser residents, so there are opportunities to meet and socialize with new people. Roommate opportunities are also available.


Fraser Supportive Living is typically provided by three of more staff members available on-site at all hours, except for 9AM through 2PM Monday-Friday. During that time, staff are available via cell phone for urgent matters while most individuals are either at a day program, school, work, or are able to safely remain at home alone. They are available for any irregular and urgent matters.

Fraser rents a staff apartment to host activities and private meetings, as needed. Onsite and offsite activities are typically offered throughout the month and there is a weekly community dinner, for those interested in participating. Common supports offered include medication and medical appointment support, meal planning, grocery shopping, assistance with cooking, creating and maintaining cleaning routines, budgeting and communication with property managers.

Overnight, there is one staff member on site and asleep in the Fraser staff apartment.


Rent and utilities are paid by the individuals served, typically using a combination of their wages, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA) housing assistance.

Supportive Living services and staffing are covered by a DD or CADI waiver (depending upon the county). There is also a private pay option.

Available Openings

Parkside South

Fraser has availability to provide services to an individual living in their own 2 bedroom apartment, with a current male roommate, at Parkside South. Parkside South is in Apple Valley and is located near a bus line and several shops. Individuals pay their own market-rate rent, utilities and living expenses for their apartment. County waiver funding is used to pay for staffing and services provided.

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