Placement and Retention

Seek and keep employment in a job that fits your interests and strengths

Fraser Placement and Retention finds the right job for you while giving you the support and resources you need to keep it.

Placement supports include: guidance to target available jobs, networking, contacting employers to develop or identify opportunities in your desired field, education about job duties, personnel benefits, rate of pay and employment policies and procedures, routine on-site job analysis, consultation and recommendations for worksite and job modifications, work with employers to implement the right accommodations, communication with community agencies to increase job opportunities.

Retention supports vary according to individual needs. Training can include: assisting with job tasks and understanding work culture, social nuances, industry practices and work behavior. It can also include working with the employer and coworkers to understand need accommodations. A skilled job coach will maintain contact to promote workplace adjustment and ensure long-term satisfaction for both employer and employee.


Job Seeking Skills Training

Job Seeking Skills Training courses are designed to prepare you for landing a job and succeeding in it

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Career Exploration

Career Exploration matches individual strengths and interests with needs of employers resulting in long-term job success

Job Coaching

Job Coaching is individualized, on-the-job support and training

Job Ready Consults

Job Ready Consult offers one-on-one coaching to work through roadblocks and plan a course of action

Higher Ed Coaching

Higher Ed Coaching maximizes your higher education experience through hands-on support to students

Work Assessment

Work Assessments discover your career path through on-the-job, paid experience

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