Fraser School Contacts

When you need to connect with your child’s Fraser School teachers and staff

Fraser School staff and classroom contact information

NOTE: Teachers often do not get messages immediately. If you need immediate assistance, please call the front desk

Front Desk 612-861-1688
Attendance 612-861-1688
Health Services 612-798-8325
Extra Hours 612-798-8332
Schedule changes 612-798-8324
Ducklings 612-798-8361
Bees 612-798-8370
Bears 612-798-8366
Cats 612-798-8374
Frogs 612-798-8334
Dinosaurs 612-798-8362
Fireflies 612-798-8365
Hummingbirds 612-798-8373
Elephants 612-798-8311
Ladybugs 612-798-8371
Monkeys 612-798-8364
Platypuses 612-798-8347
Butterflies 612-798-8367
Chameleons 612-798-8360

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Please call 612-767-7222 or fill out the form below:

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