Employment Ready

Launches teens and adults onto their career path through detailed assessments of all work-related strengths

Fraser Employment Ready compiles information from multiple sources to initiate an individualized profile of strengths, interests and needs. It blends traditional guided inquiry with medical and school record review, planning tools, assessments and personal reflection.

The individualized profile that results becomes the “go-to” source for all support professionals and launches you onto your ideal career path.

Discover your true calling and become the right person for your dream job.


Job Seeking Skills Training

Job Seeking Skills Training courses are designed to prepare you for landing a job and succeeding in it

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Career Exploration

Career Exploration matches individual strengths and interests with needs of employers resulting in long-term job success

Job Coaching

Job Coaching is individualized, on-the-job support and training

Job Ready Consults

Job Ready Consult offers one-on-one coaching to work through roadblocks and plan a course of action

Higher Ed Coaching

Higher Ed Coaching maximizes your higher education experience through hands-on support to students

Work Assessment

Work Assessments discover your career path through on-the-job, paid experience

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