Autism Day Treatment

Develop the coping, problem-solving and social skills needed for success in all settings

Day Treatment is designed to meet the complex needs of families with a child on the autism spectrum. Early and intensive intervention sets your child up for a lifetime of success. Fraser Day Treatment draws from all types of interventions proven to provide the best outcomes for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. These include: developmental, relationship-based, behavioral, perspective-taking and functional communication approaches, sensory, visual and structured strategies as well as collaboration with parents and other care/education teams.

Day Treatment for Children, ages 2-7, is offered five days per week for three hours each day. Individualized treatment plans are implemented through one-on-one support or in small groups by experienced practitioners.

Day Treatment for Individuals, ages 12-18, is offered twice a week for three hours and combines group therapy and skills training to maximize each individual’s potential.

Day Treatment includes case management or care coordination, which assist families in accessing and benefiting from community services and is directed by a licensed psychologist with expertise in autism.

Success Story

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