Autism’s Hidden Strengths: Interviewing & Hiring Individuals with Autism

Find the best person for the job - not just the person who interviews best.

High attention to detail. Logical thinking. Perseverance for repetitive tasks. Ability to retain information. Ability to be precise. Focused. Accurate. Diligent. Timely.

These are just a few of the abilities that can make individuals on the autism spectrum extremely valuable employees to your organization. And, people with autism are among the most honest, loyal, and committed people you may ever employ, which can help to reduce your turnover and training costs significantly.

However, traditional approaches to hiring tend to favor people who are excellent communicators; well-spoken and highly social. Because those on the autism spectrum often struggle with interpersonal and communication skills, the typical interview can be challenging for them to effectively communicate their talents and suitability for a particular job. But with some simple modifications to the recruiting, application, and interview processes, you could land some very highly qualified candidates who are on the autism spectrum.

Our series of video interviews (unscripted mock interviews filmed with candidates on the autism spectrum,) along with the downloadable tips below, will provide you with a new perspective on interviewing and hiring and will help you to find the best person for the job, not just the person who interviews best.

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