Autism Information

Support in our community for Fraser families who have an autism diagnosis

FIND Network – A network through the University of Minnesota where families can sign up to receive updated information and be part of research on ASD and NDD.

Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) – A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to education, advocacy and support designed to enhance the lives of those affected by autism from birth through retirement.

Real Life Tips from Parents (Videos) – A collection of videos of real parents and professionals discussing common challenges that families face. Topics range from diagnosis to feeding to obtaining services.

National Institutes of Health – A directory of links to information on autism.

Navigating Autism with MSP – A joint program created by Fraser, the Minneapolis Airport Commission, and the Autism Society of Minnesota that guides individuals with autism and their families through the steps of an airport visit, from walking in the door, to finding their seat on a plane.

Center for Engaging Autism – A nonprofit, volunteer organization connecting families living with autism to the support they need to engage fully in their homes, schools and community. We are dedicated to building bridges between research, practice and everyday life.

Autism Research Institute – An advocacy and research nonprofit with information, resources, and other information for parents and clinicians alike.

How can we help?

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