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“I want to be honest, but I’ve become used to covering up and sometimes denying how things are.”

Helpful details before you arrive

  • This meeting is for parents and/or caregivers only. In order to make the best use of our time together and to have an open conversation about your concerns regarding your child, we respectfully request that you arrange for childcare for the child we are meeting to discuss as well as any other children.
  • Maps to all locations are available at
  • We have free guest parking at all of our locations, however, spaces are limited at our Minneapolis location. If you find the need to park in a “Reserved Only” spot, please tell the receptionist.
  • If you need directions or get lost, please call us at 612-767-7222.
  • Please bring all assessments and any other tests or reports your child has received.

5 Things to Know

  • This meeting is for parent(s) and/or caregiver(s) only
  • We have free guest parking
  • Appointment is about one hour
  • Meeting purpose is to gather information
  • You are part of this team, we want to hear your concerns