Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Fraser experts will design a treatment plan based on individual strengths and needs

When you’re not sure where to turn, Fraser is here. Stop wondering and get the answers you need from the experts.

We provide diagnosis and complete assessments resulting in treatment plans tailored to the needs of individuals with special needs and their families. With expertise in autism, mental health, pediatric therapy and adult services, Fraser incorporates community resources and approaches all evaluations and treatment plans as a collaborative process – including caregivers, families, educators and community in all steps of the process.

Autism Evaluations

Our process for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder has been refined through two decades of experience and draws from a broad knowledge base in education, rehabilitation, social work, mental health and neuropsychology.

Immediately following the evaluation, clinicians and caregivers review the results together. A report that summarizes the findings and recommendations is shared with caregivers.

Pediatric Evaluations

Pediatric Therapy evaluations uncover the needs of children who struggle with communication, sensory issues, movement, eating and daily living skills. Skilled therapists use decades of experience working with children to assess needs across the fields of speech, occupational and physical therapy, resulting in an evaluation that pinpoints areas needing attention.

Specific recommendations for rehabilitative therapy, frequency and type will be designed in collaboration with parents and other professionals.

Neuropsychology Evaluations

Fraser Neuropsychology serves children and young adults who have neurodevelopmental or neurological disorders.

These evaluations give a picture of a person's cognitive abilities and their level of social, emotional and academic ability. Our experts then design intervention plans that use a person's strengths in some areas to compensate for weaknesses in others. They prescribe educational and community resources that help achieve each individual’s goals.

Mental Health Evaluations

Fraser Mental Health diagnostic evaluations and assessments are tailored to meet individual needs. They consist of interviews, testing, and/or observations, as well as review of any previous assessments. Clinicians determine the diagnosis that best defines concerns, identify treatment or service needs and make recommendations to the family and other service providers as needed.

Consultations are available from experts in a wide range of children’s mental health issues.