Mental Health Professional

Fraser {seo}

I am a Mental Health Professional in Fraser Autism at Fraser Bloomington.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in clinical counseling and psychology and a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

I enjoy working at Fraser because the environment is supportive, and staff are always willing to help one another. I always feel heard.

I love that I have the chance to work with clients and their families and educate others about autism and mental health. I enjoy helping my clients learn and highlight their abilities while assisting them to work through their difficulties.

When I began working at Fraser, I was able to shadow various services before conducting my own outpatient services which helped me feel comfortable and competent in my position. I also appreciate all of the training opportunities offered through Fraser. Clinicians are able to pick from a wide variety of training to support professional development. I feel as though I have been able to take away helpful information to better serve my clients and their families. Fraser offers yearly performance reviews and raises. The organization is always growing which offers more opportunities for professional development to employees.

I am not viewed as just another staff member at Fraser. I am looked at as an experienced mental health clinician. I am encouraged to share my ideas, and how my experience might offer another perspective. We all have different backgrounds at Fraser, and this is what makes us unique. We are able to combine our ideas and experience in order to individualize the services we offer.

Amber Bloom