Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Services Manager

Fraser {seo}

When I decided I wanted to become a psychologist, it was because I wanted to help others - help reduce their personal suffering and increase their well-being.

After every work day at Fraser, I know that I have used my skills in a way that is consistent with these values. I am proud of the work I do, which is satisfying professionally.

Fraser is quite flexible and allows me to pursue my professional interests within the framework of my job. No day is boring and there are endless opportunities for professional development and learning. As someone who enjoys solving problems and encountering new learning opportunities, Fraser is a perfect place to work. Fraser also offers great benefits, which is not something I gave much thought to as a graduate student. Now, a flexible work schedule, competitive salary and retirement plan are essential, and Fraser provides them.

My job has variety. I provide psychological assessment, support interns and post-doctoral students in their training and am recruited for numerous small projects throughout the week. I love this variety and would struggle to sustain my work interest without it. With regard to psychological assessment, I enjoy working exclusively with adults, providing evaluations for numerous conditions, in addition to autism. I enjoy meeting and knowing each client/family that comes in and seeing the relief they feel when they know they will be supported. I also enjoy the challenge of evaluations - they are like jigsaw puzzles and always very interesting.

Fraser provides many training and continuing education credit (CEU) opportunities. Most of my CEU’s come from Fraser. That, along with the Fraser Conference and the Minnesota Association of Children’s Mental Health conference, typically satisfies all 40 hours of training required every two years. This is another huge benefit of working for Fraser.

Fraser offers career growth, both in terms of work and finances. They offer pay for performance, so putting in more work will be recognized in tangible ways. Also, Fraser has been willing to allow me to explore my interests within the role of psychologist, such as with the training program and specializing in working with adults.

I adore my colleagues at Fraser. There is congenial and playful dynamic present with my colleagues that creates an engaging environment. I enjoy opportunities to collaborate on projects, engage in case consultation and connect over lunch.

Finally, I really value the resources at Fraser, such as folks who are tracking and helping with CEU’s, having an in-house legal team, scheduling assistance and engagement. All of these support services allow me to do my job with more confidence and ease.

Ruth Swartwood