Direct Support Professional | Kristine

Fraser {seo}

My name is Kristine Kohman, and I work as a direct support professional (DSP) in the Supervised Living home, Carnelian. 

I typically work one weekend a month. However, I enjoy picking up extra shifts during the week or weekends.

I have been doing direct care with Fraser for 32 years. Over the years, what I have enjoyed most about Fraser are the growth opportunities, both professional and personal. I’ve been able to stay on the leading edge of professional development opportunities, which includes ongoing training. Personally, I find interacting with the residents and helping them with their daily lives extremely rewarding. It is so fulfilling to see them through their challenges and watch them live up to their potential.

I have also gotten to know many other incredible staff members while working. The team climate is very exciting. You learn from each other’s different backgrounds, while also serving the residents and their interests.

When I started, training consisted of CPR, first aid and a medication course. There also used to be 12 residents in a house, and this limited each person’s opportunity to grow.

Over the years, my access to ongoing training has greatly enhanced my ability to better serve the residents. Since Fraser focuses on providing the best in education, healthcare and housing for individuals with special needs, they have transitioned from 12 to four-person Supervised Living homes. It goes to show Fraser’s growth, and the insight they have into the needs of each individual they serve.

I have seen so much positive growth at Fraser. The best part is these changes are client-focused, so our growth helps individuals enrich their lives and become as independent as possible.