Direct Support Professional | Alison

Fraser {seo}

Before I started as a DSP, the Fraser staff made sure I was ready to step into my new role. 

I received training in medication administration, how to chart client’s care and how to protect my clients and myself. I was also trained on community involvement with the clients and food safety.

In my role, I work with clients in one of our Supportive Living apartment buildings. I help the clients with daily activities, like doing their laundry, making lunch and going grocery shopping. My favorite part about my job is spending time with the clients. Each person I work with is unique, and each has taught me how to look at life in a different way. Every client is working to improve his or her skills and strive to be a better person, which inspires me to want to be a better person too.

I also admire the dedication and care all my coworkers put into the job. They want to support our clients, while also encouraging them to live a more independent and healthy lifestyle. I see them really put their hearts into everything they do at Fraser. If we run into a problem, we get together and solve it. It feels like a family.

I really love my job. While working at Fraser, I have grown both emotionally and socially. The clients have offered me so much and spending time with them really warms my heart.

- Alison Pryor

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