Behavior Professional III

Fraser {seo}

I am a Behavior Professional III in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at Fraser Minneapolis.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology as well as a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and autism and am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Working with ABA clients and families is the best part of my job. I am energized each day by the ability to work with so many different families from different cultural backgrounds and witness them bringing the skills they’ve learned home with them.

Fraser has a supportive team environment. I work with an excellent supervisor who makes sure I have everything I need to do my job in the most efficient and client-centered way. The collaborative culture fosters a holistic and client-centered approach to treatment.

Fraser supports employee work/life balance. The flexible PTO options allow me to take the time I need for personal appointments. My work schedule is usually busy, but I am comfortable asking for support if I need it. Annual performance-based raises are another great benefit of working at Fraser. They offer a career ladder for each position, which helps you grow your career at your own pace.

Shawnie Girtler