Wesley's Story


My name is Wesley and I am 2 years and 5 months old. I enjoy jumping and hopping around like a bunny, smiling from ear-to-ear as well as getting tickled from head to toe. I also love playing and putting together my Duplos and puzzles. My favorite shows to watch on TV is Mickey Mouse Club House, Little Einsteins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

I was diagnosed with autism shortly after my 2nd birthday. My current areas of focus that has me on the spectrum includes speech, communication and social skills. I currently attend a special early childhood school three days a week where I learn alongside other kids with autism just like me. I enjoy being at school and bringing home adorable projects that were designed for me to explore my sensories and then bring home to share with my family. My teacher says I am a concrete learner which means I tend to learn better when things are in a specific order that won't change hence the reasons I love puzzles and Duplos. In addition, because I am a concrete learner, speech is more of a challenge for me because I am not able to "see" the words and have not yet made that connection through speech. However, that doesn't stop me from babbling, "mama, dada, baby, di (means go in Vietnamese), and Nhi (big sissy's name)".

I've also got a great sense of memory. I do not enjoy getting my hair cut, toe nails clipped or visiting the doctor’s office. As soon as we pull up to either place, I start to whine because I remember where I am.

A quirky thing I sometimes do is giggle out loud to myself. My teacher says, it may be because I am reciting a funny memory in my head that is making me giggle out loud.

It would mean a lot to my family and me if you would join our walk team at the Fraser Walk for Autism on Saturday, April 16th from 7-10am at the Mall of America or support our team through a donation.

With love,

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