Tyler's Story

Tyler is a true self-advocate for young adults on the autism spectrum. His parents informed him at the age of 12 that he has autism. "I thought I was broken, but what I learned was I’m okay," said Tyler. "Autism doesn’t define me; it’s just something that I have."

Tyler wondered why he struggled with friendships and had difficulties his peers didn’t seem to have," said Colleen, Tyler’s mom. "My husband and I knew he would benefit from learning about how autism affected him."

Tyler gave presentations at school and church about autism. "I had teachers tell me that because of their interactions with my son they wanted to teach special education," said Colleen. "Tyler has a huge heart and impacts everyone around him."

Tyler receives Fraser Career Planning and Employment and is getting support navigating the employment world. "Fraser has been very motivating and gotten me outside my comfort zone," said Tyler. "I’m gaining more independence and making friends."

Tyler is currently employed doing custodial work, and recently got a job as a DJ, which is more in-line with his field of interest. "I enjoy work that uses technology," said Tyler. "I’m familiar with all kinds of media, but music is my real passion, mixing songs and being a DJ at friends parties keeps me busy."

"It’s great that Fraser offers a broad array of services for young adults," said Colleen. "Tyler not only gets help with employment but also organization, social skills and finding his personal strengths."