The Tripeny Family Story

The Tripeny Family

Maria and Mac Tripeny adopted three sons with special needs, and Fraser has helped them with a variety of services, including helping their sons with the especially difficult adoption transition of leaving one family and entering another.

“Everyone we’ve worked with at Fraser understands that early childhood trauma does not go away quickly, these children have to relearn so much,” said Maria. “Fraser understands that my children’s perception of the world is very different.”

Fraser Adoptive Family Support helps children who have been adopted, or are in out-of-home placements, whose caregivers have concerns about their development, behavior and well being. Fraser Adoptive Family Support bundles the services that have helped the Tripeny boys transition to life postadoption. Individual mental health therapy, family therapy, mental health day treatment, and case management have all helped them address the mental health issues that are a result of their difficult early lives and adoptions.

Maria and Mac’s sons sometimes have a hard time managing their emotions and understanding their feelings. “There is such a stigma associated with mental health and Fraser really works on the social education part of life that is so important for them.”Her children were able to get the help they needed to recognize their feelings and emotions. Through therapies at Fraser, the children were given strategies to use when they are stressed or angry. They learned appropriate ways for handling their feelings instead of being destructive.

“The teachers and therapists at Fraser gave me so much great advice for how to work with them at home.”

Fraser Adoptive Family Support is for children and adolescents ages 0-18 and their parents, guardians and/or caregivers. The program also provides services which help parents in evaluating and building their skills.

“Our whole quality of life has improved. We’ve become a family unit,” Maria said. “Fraser helped move my family from simply surviving to thriving!”