Lily's Story


"At age two, Lily was starting to sing notes to her favorite Disney songs and even sing "I love you" to Trevor and me. That lasted only a month before she stopped. She stopped talking all together and stopped trying to communicate. She closed inside herself and left us without any resources to help find the door and open her back up. She didn't look at us anymore and showed minimal emotion or interest in engaging in life.

By the time we got her diagnosis we already knew the words before they were said, but we didn't understand what they truly meant. What we didn't know is how amazing the next year would be, thanks to that diagnosis and support we received from Fraser. What we didn't know was that on her fourth birthday, she would sing with us as she blew out her birthday candles and unwrapped each gift with pure excitement as she smiled and labeled each item received."

-Megan, Lily's mom