Kirsten's Story


Kirsten has been involved with Fraser almost her entire life.

"Kirsten was developing on track until 15 months old," said Jackie, Kirsten's mom. "We started to see significant regression and loss of words and skills." She was evaluated at 2 ½ years old and diagnosed with autism. Kirsten began receiving Fraser Autism Day Treatment and later, in-home therapy.

After graduating high school, Kirsten’s next transition wasn’t clear. "Kirsten is mainly nonverbal and communicates a lot through writing," said Jackie. "She has adequate self-care skills and usually follows direction but needs some supervision."

"I thought a group home would be too stressful for her and heard Fraser was starting a supportive living option," said Jackie. Fraser Supportive Living is for individuals who want to live more independently but still need some support.

With the help of Fraser and family, Kirsten moved into a Fraser Supported Living apartment. "We knew this would be a journey and had the expectation to take it one day at a time," said Jackie. "I felt secure knowing there were safety alarms on her door and bed, and that she’d have check-ins from a Fraser staff person."

Kirsten has a full life with work, volunteering and a friendship group along with playing the piano and singing. "I never thought Kirsten would have her own apartment," said Jackie. "I always hoped that she would be able to live in a Fraser community. I feel so blessed that she’s fulfilled, happy and safe."