Debbea's Story

Our sister, Debbea, has an infectious laugh and a zest for life. She loves to go fishing, play softball and go horseback riding. She grew up surrounded by four adoring brothers and our loving parents. Because she has developmental disabilities, Debbea is unable to live independently as an adult. She lived with our parents for many years.

As they aged, our mom recognized that she needed to find an alternative living situation suitable for Debbea’s future. After a friend of the family told mom about Fraser Supervised Living, she put Debbea on the waiting list for a Fraser home. She didn’t want us boys to have to worry about where Debbea would live and who would care for her.

Debbea has lived happily in a Fraser house for more than 22 years now. She used to come home on weekends and holidays to visit mom and dad. Since our parents passed away, we all take turns having Debbea visit on the weekends. Many weekends she chooses to hang out at her own home with her roommates. It’s great to know that she has her family close by but also loves where she lives on her own.

Mom used to tell us that Debbea was lucky to have gotten in at Fraser. Fraser is such a good place because the staff is attentive to all of her needs – whether they are physical, mental or emotional. As her family, we are comforted in knowing that she is well taken care of. Even though she is mentally challenged, the staff at Fraser don’t treat her that way. They help her gain independence and participate in activities out in the community. We joke that Debbea has done more in the Twin Cities than we have!

Debbea has a job, a boyfriend, takes cooking classes, plays on a softball team and goes horseback riding. She even went on a train trip to Glacier National Park with other people with special needs.

We had been concerned that if Debbea lived with one of us, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill all of her needs. We know that she would definitely be more sheltered living with one of her brothers than she is at Fraser. Fraser brings her out of her shell and exposes her to different environments. She has a good quality of life at Fraser. We feel that she lives in a great place!

- Wally and Jacquie Luoma, Gary Jamison, Bob Luoma, Dale Luoma