QuickCues Script Lists

QuickCues is a social script app designed for iPods and iPhones that helps teens and young adults on the autism spectrum handle new situations and learn new skills.

Each of the five QuickCues modules has a number of scripts specific to their topics:


Answering the Phone
Asking for Help from a Teacher
Changing Topics
Conversation Starters
Conversation Tips
Talking with Co-Workers
Using the Telephone
Voice Control
What is a Conversation?

Clean Clothes for Boys
Clean Clothes for Girls
Eating Healthy
Job Interview
Job Interview - Being Prepared
Keeping My Brain Active
Showering - More than Getting Wet
Showering Quick List
Taking Medication
Writing a Resume


Apologizing for Unintentional Mistakes
Apologizing when I hurt someone's feelings
Bullies - How to handle
Dating - How to Ask Someone out on a Date
Filtering Comments
First Date
Flexible Thinking vs. Rigid Thinking
Friend or Bully?
Getting to Sleep
Giving a Compliment
How to Know if I am Having Fun
Hurting Someone's Feelings
Indentifying Shared Interests
Internet Safety
Meeting Someone New
Remembering Empathy
Seeing the Big Picture
Showing Happiness for Others
Socializing With Others
Standing Up for Myself
Staying Connected
Taking Suggestions from Others
Tolerating Differences


Calming My Body
Get "unstuck"
Interests vs. Obsessions
Moving to Get Calm
Stopping My Repetitive Thoughts
Taking a Break
Unexpected Change
What to Do When I am Feeling Unsafe
What to Do When My Worries Get Too Big


Avoiding Conflict on the Job
Body Language on the Job
Boundaries on the Job-Materials
Boundaries on the Job-My Space
Boundaries on the job-Polite Conversation
Breaks at work
Communication on the Job
Dealing with Conflict on the Job
Eye Contact on the Job
Filtering Comments on the Job
Getting Along with Others
How to Ride Mass Transit
Making A Good Impression with my Co-Workers
Making A Good Impression with my Supervisor
Manners at Work
Small Talk at Work
Taking Mass Transit to Work

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QuickCues were developed by Fraser autism experts to make social scripts more practical through mobile technology. We are excited to share these applications with the special needs community. Please contact us with questions and suggestions, or take our short survey to provide us with more feedback.

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