Ross and Alyse’s Story

Ross and Alyse’s Story

My adopted children, Ross and Alyse, have faced many challenges since coming to Minnesota from Haiti six years ago. Now that they’ve “graduated” from Fraser day treatment, occupational and music therapy, I can see clearly the impact Fraser had. We’ve all come a long way from the day we walked in: I no longer chase my children down our street, repair broken televisions or struggle to keep everyone safe during a mega-meltdown.

But most importantly, I no longer question my abilities as a mother. Fraser helped me unpack scary words like – Adjustment Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sensory Integration and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Through that I came to understand the impacts of trauma on my children and how to help them become who they are today.

Ross just received a star on his spelling test. Last year, the teacher was unable to even give him a spelling test. He’s expanding outside of the classroom as well. After his first football game, I had a mom tell me I was doing a great job raising him. She has never seen a child in second grade show that level of sportsmanship.

Alyse started playing basketball and was the top cookie-seller in her Girl Scout troop. She’s a rock star in the classroom as well. I recently received a glowing email from her teacher, telling me that Alyse is extremely kind, caring, thoughtful and very conscientious.”

I’m really not one to brag about my children. But I think it is so important to look at how having the right services and people who believe in you can change a child’s life and change a family. Because of Fraser, we are a family that is successful, happy and whole.

- Betsy Sathers