Mallory’s Story

Mallory's Story

Mallory, now 5 years old, hit all of her developmental milestones as a baby. At 2 years old, she suddenly stopped making eye contact with others and her language development became delayed.

“She became a completely different child,” said Amanda, Mallory’s mom.

Mallory’s preschool screening did not show signs of progress her parents were hoping for. As a result, she was diagnosed with developmental delay.

Mallory began attending preschool in a classroom for children with developmental delay where her teachers worked hard to help her gain independence and social skills. As time went on, they encouraged Mallory’s parents to seek help from Fraser.

At 5 years old, Mallory was evaluated by Fraser and received an autism diagnosis. Shortly after, she began receiving speech therapy and attending a social skill development group through her school.

“Mallory has made great strides since her diagnosis – she is asking and answering questions, makes eye contact and will openly talk with others. She is much more confident and comfortable with herself.”

Amanda’s best friend also has a child with autism, which is why they decided to create a team and advocate for their children at the Fraser Walk for Autism.

“We want everyone to know how cool they are!”

“Having a family member with autism isn’t hard, it’s just a different way of doing things. Mallory has grown into an amazingly smart, thoughtful, funny, caring and loving little girl...who has autism. I am truly convinced that she is going to do some wonderful things in this life and I cannot wait to see it!”

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