Lily's Story


Our daughter Lily was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, a non-hereditary genetic disorder that affects 1/7500 children and causes physical and developmental challenges. Shortly after her diagnosis, we enrolled her in Fraser School. We were impressed that the teachers took time to learn about Williams Syndrome prior to her first day at Fraser, showing care for our daughter's well-being even before meeting her. This was especially timely as we were just learning about her diagnosis ourselves and were eager for support in getting her into a program that would align with her abilities.

Shortly after coming to Fraser, we found out that Lily needed open heart surgery. Thankfully, the surgery went well and Lily was soon back in school. Again, we were impressed in the amount of concern that was demonstrated by the teachers, therapists and staff at Fraser. They ensured that she was safe by modifying her daily activities and providing one-on-one supervision when necessary. At the same time, they made sure Lily felt she was still part of her classroom activities. We were comforted in knowing she was in good hands at Fraser. Lily was just happy to be back with her friends.

Lily's challenges include developmental delay and spatial issues such as eye-hand coordination, depth perception and balance. She receives occupational, physical, speech and music therapies at Fraser. Having therapy services available on site at Fraser School is very important. It allows us to schedule sessions suited to Lily's day, rather than when we can get her to an appointment. Communication between the rehabilitation department and her teachers allows her to work on some of the same skills in her classroom as she does in therapy.

At Fraser, Lily is challenged to achieve something every day. We've seen some great improvement in her participation in a variety of playground activities; she is writing her name and drawing pictures of things we can recognize; she understands taking turns and consideration for others and she is steadily improving her self-care skills.

We really like the diversity of children at Fraser and one of the best things is how all children are encouraged to learn. Some children have special needs while others do not, but all have an opportunity to learn from each other. At Fraser, Lily has the opportunity to be both a leader and a follower. She has the chance to teach other children as well as learn from them. We believe that the unique environment allows Lily to achieve things she might not otherwise.

Before we came to Fraser, we didn't know what to expect. We knew that it was a good place for children with special needs, but we couldn't have imagined that it was such a positive, happy place for all children. Lily is excited to be entering public school kindergarten in the fall, and we are confident Fraser has provided the foundation she needs for that next step and beyond. Lily's abilities exceed what they would be had she been anywhere but Fraser, and we are truly thankful.

- Tim and Laura