Davion's Story


When Davion was 4, I had concerns about his behavior. We were going through a lot of changes. We moved three times in one year and the people in his life kept changing. His dad was incarcerated. His little brother was born.

Davion was always an active kid, but he became louder. He woke up in the night crying. He jumped off things and ran around. I had to tell him four or five times to do something.

People kept saying he had ADHD. I got the number for Fraser from his childcare. I called and talked to Jen who met with me first and then with Davion. She diagnosed that he had a hard time coping with change.

We enrolled Davion in the Fraser Mental Health program provided through Head Start. Jen worked with him on expressing his feelings and listening. He learned how to use safety breaks when he needed to calm down. A few months after he started at Fraser he started getting better.

He is still active but now he listens more. I tell him once not to do something. He gets rewards instead of punishment. Without Fraser, I would still be trying to find help. It would have taken me a lot longer to figure out what was going on. Jen has helped me understand what he’s going through. When I have a question, she makes time to break it down.

I went to Fraser and peeked in one day. The kids were sitting around in a circle and Davion was focused and paying attention. I was like, “Wow!” I couldn’t believe it. Fraser helps Davion relate to other people. He helps with his younger brother and he has come so far that sometimes he even leads the other kids at Fraser.

Davion will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Fraser has given him the tools to go to public school. I want to find the right school and teachers that will work with him.

My advice to other parents is to be patient and don’t give up. Try lots of things, because every child is different. I would recommend Fraser to anyone having problems with their child. I’m so thankful. Life is good right now. It’s less stressful. I’m definitely not going to give up. I’m hopeful.

— Davion's mother