Ace's Story


The calls and reports home from day care were the same every day. "Ace was angry, throwing things and fighting other kids," said Tameka, Ace’s mom. "I knew this behavior couldn’t continue and he needed to get help before starting school." They found a place that offered services for Ace but it focused more on letting him act out his aggression rather than ways to deal with it. Tameka’s friend told her about Fraser and she brought Ace in for an evaluation.

Ace is being treated for anxiety and impulsivity and his main challenge was not knowing how to express his feelings in an appropriate manner. Ace began receiving services through Fraser Mental Health. "I noticed when Ace started acting up Fraser really worked on ways he could get his feelings across that didn’t involve aggression," said Tameka. "He began telling me how he was feeling and working it out."

"Ace loves the attention he gets at Fraser and is able to relate to his peers in ways he never did before," said Tameka. "He has learned strategies for handling his emotions that have helped him succeed in his first year at school." Ace is now getting Fraser services at HeadStart in St. Paul.

"Ace’s school conferences were completely different than the daily reports I used to get from day care," said Tameka. "He is doing amazing and showing a passion to learn!"