Person-Centered Planning

Fraser Person-Centered Planning is based on Michael Smull’s (1996) Essential Lifestyle Planning concepts. Person-Centered Planning is a process guided by a trained Fraser professional to create a plan that captures what is important to a person receiving services, and maintain or improve his/her quality of life.

The process identifies who and what a person needs or desires to be safe, healthy and happy on a daily basis. Fraser will focus on a person’s current strengths and situation as well as his/her dreams for the future. Planning meetings are driven by the preferences of each person, his/her family and anyone else chosen to include in the process (friends, case managers, direct support professionals, significant others, co-workers, etc.).

This program generally serves adolescents and adults, but has no age limitation.

Person-Centered Planning includes:

  • Facilitation of the Person-Centered Planning meeting
  • Pre-planning individual and group interviews related to plan development
  • Development of the written Person-Centered Plan (PCP)
  • Identification of community resources
  • Referrals to appropriate county or state funded programs
  • On-going monitoring/evaluation of plan implementation (if requested)
  • Periodic review and updates to the PCP (if requested)

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