Partnership Program

The Partnership Program provides support services that are not traditionally covered by county or state funding, and often provided by unpaid family caregivers (typically parents or adult siblings). Examples include helping a person find a place to go for holidays, helping a person get a haircut, and making daily check-in calls. Families may enroll their loved one for a variety of reasons, such as an extended vacation, caregiver health limitations, or long-term support because family members can no longer able to provide it. Services may be temporary, intermittent or ongoing. The program is available to people of all ages and ability levels.

The Fraser Partnership Program begins with the collaborative development of a comprehensive person-centered plan. This process is guided by a Fraser professional with the goal of capturing what is important to a person receiving services in order to maintain or improve his/her quality of life (visit our Person-Centered Planning page).

The program does not replace the responsibility of the guardian or legal representative for major medical, service or financial decisions. Fraser provides referrals to community agencies for guardianship/conservatorship options as well as long-term financial planning (such as trusts) and legal matters. The program is not intended to duplicate services which are publicly funded or provided by volunteer organizations. Fraser staff make an effort to access community programs and refer to county or state services before utilizing private funding.

The person-centered plan is reviewed annually and a service contract identifies responsibilities being delegated to Fraser. A program manager or director approves each service contract to ensure that all publicly funded programs have been considered.

Services include:

  • Facilitation of person-centered planning
  • Pre-planning individual and group interviews related to plan development
  • Development of the written Person-Centered Plan (PCP)
  • Identification of community resources
  • Referrals to appropriate county or state funded programs
  • Training direct support professionals on plan implementation
  • Ongoing monitoring, evaluation and supervision of plan implementation
  • Periodic review and updates to the PCP (minimum annually)

For more information, contact CommunitySupports@fraser.org or 612-767-5180.

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