Learn Talk Play, a Social Learning Class

So much of communication has little to do with words and everything to do with an understanding of subtle social skills. This program is for children who need help learning those social skills. Generalizing speech and occupational therapy skills into a natural setting with peers is the focus of this class.

Learn Talk Play follows the Incredible Flexible You curriculum from Social Thinking, as well as the SCERTS Model, focusing on relationships, emotions, and social communication. Program activities, designed for ages four to eleven, are similar to those in typical classrooms. Structured food learning opportunities and frequent sensory motor breaks are an important part of the day.

Learn Talk Play pairs nicely with school-based or private school programs. Children learn how to:

  • play with other children
  • think about others
  • follow a group plan and fully participate
  • cope with the unexpected
  • play appropriately toys and games
  • express emotions in a healthy way

Children in Learn Talk Play must qualify for both speech language and occupational therapy. Children will generalize communication, sensory, and emotional regulation skills to activities with peers.


Learn Talk Play is offered at different locations, days and times to meet the flexible needs of families and partner closely with other agencies.

Fees vary and include an out of pocket monthly fee plus copays/deductibles for speech and occupational therapy. Contact us to discover how your family can access this program!

Success story

Support Through Challenges

“Fraser has the same goals for our boys as we do,” Matt and Michelle said. “We all want them to be independent and live happy, fulfilling lives. With Fraser as part of our life, we know that can happen.”

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